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STATUS ||  Alive and well
  ACTIVITY LEVEL || depends on school and work and other rps
  TIME ZONE ||  Eastern standard time
  SKYPE || Sure! Feel free to hit me up!
  NOTES || favorite, but will be so.
  CHAT || yes
  COMMENTS || mabey
Google docs || Want to try
  CURSING || 10/10 I don’t care at all XD
  VIOLENCE || 10/10
  GORE ||10/10 Just ask before injuring/killing my character
  SEXUAL THEMES || 10/10 if it’s age appropriate
  ROLE-PLAY EXAMPLE || Based on my WolfPlay pack XD
Serdar let out a low, upset sounding growl after the leader that dominated him and took over his pack. He had been born and raised in that pack and then this newcomer has the nerve to barge in and ruin his life. For all he knew the life he had put so much effort into was dead and gone by now. He was alone in the deep forest with no one who cared for him. “After all that effort I put into making that pack mine and carrying on
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Fawnspot||Windclan||Warrior||6/17 by starpelt227 Fawnspot||Windclan||Warrior||6/17 :iconstarpelt227:starpelt227 1 0 Offer to adopt!((CLOSED)) by starpelt227 Offer to adopt!((CLOSED)) :iconstarpelt227:starpelt227 3 1 Acrylic ice cream  by starpelt227 Acrylic ice cream :iconstarpelt227:starpelt227 0 0 Coffee loving squirrel  by starpelt227 Coffee loving squirrel :iconstarpelt227:starpelt227 2 0 Oil pastel portrait wip  by starpelt227 Oil pastel portrait wip :iconstarpelt227:starpelt227 5 0 How the mighty have fallen by starpelt227 How the mighty have fallen :iconstarpelt227:starpelt227 2 0 Dragon date by starpelt227 Dragon date :iconstarpelt227:starpelt227 3 0 Neon sketch  by starpelt227 Neon sketch :iconstarpelt227:starpelt227 1 0 New fursona  by starpelt227 New fursona :iconstarpelt227:starpelt227 1 0
“My lady Novak!” A messenger ran into the large room where Hafstah Novak, the empress sat. The room was large with one side covered in large glass windows and the other covered with multiple small screens that connected to observation cameras that showed views of key points within the reaches of the Empire that included shots of city major squares and important  government buildings.The ceiling was pure white and the carpet below was grey. In the center of the room there was a large expensive looking desk sat, in that desk there sat a tall, powerful looking woman.
The empress looked up at the young messenger with an annoyed look on her face,she had ruddy light skin and bluish-black hair and calm looking cream-colored eyes framed by thick and darkly rimmed glasses and wore dark red lipstick.
“You didn’t knock” She noted coldly at the panting messenger who was shaking from exhaustion from running to her office.
The Messenger panted, she had curly light
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Pran awoke strapped to an oddly comfortable bed in a pitch dark room, but he wasn’t in his home,his eyes darted around nervously as he slowly came to, he tried to sit up but the bed he was laid on had tight clamps on him, they were digging into his arms and legs, creating red sores on them. A he came to consciousness, the room lit up, revealing stark white walls surrounding him covered with large posters, highlighting the ‘glory’ and ‘fairness’ of The  Imperial Authority with sayings such as ‘The Imperial Authority-Power, beauty and soul’ or ‘The Imperial Authority Makes Everything Better.’ Everyone on the posters looked so happy and oblivious to what was really happening.
A robotic yet oddly calming voice came on over a loudspeaker “Welcome to the assimilation room.” it announced “Here you will learn the value and importance of your life under the loving rule of The Imperial Authority” It kep
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“I don’t understand it” Asama sighed, holding a picture of her recently deceased best friend  who had passed away due to an evil drug that the government had given out to her to fix her depression. It had been a couple years ago, but Asama noticed that the government systematically gave out pills of a similar nature and story. Every Time they’d put out a new ‘experimental’ drug to a certain group, It included everyone from physically disabled people to people who didn’t pass the exams the government would give out to see how high their i.q was. She was sick of the poisoning of everyone she cared about. To make matters more concerning, any one who had reported or talked about the pills publicly was somehow silenced and never seen or heard from again. Nobody knew how and why they were disappearing or where they all went, but she wanted answers.
Asama had dropped out of college soon after Agustina died due to no longer having the moti
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“This just in” A small television flashed a news blurb in a darkly illuminated college dorm room “the government has released a new drug said to cure mental illnesses ranging from minor anxieties to chronic depression and much more. Anybody interested should go to their medical provider for a free trial. The drug is said to make quality of life for those affected much higher.” The news woman announced, looking at the camera with a sweet and trustworthy smile on her face. “This is Gala Bousaid signing off for the night, have a nice and happy rest of your evening” The tv switched back to the regular programming for the night which was some sort of mindless game show.
Asma gave her best friend a large smile “did you hear that?! There’s a pill that could help you!” She grinned like the crazy woman she was and gave the friend sitting next to her a large yet friendly grin, her curly hair bouncing as she hugged her. She wore a stripe
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Talking to the Moon by starpelt227 Talking to the Moon :iconstarpelt227:starpelt227 4 1 Happy Birthday Red! by starpelt227 Happy Birthday Red! :iconstarpelt227:starpelt227 2 0

Random Favourites

APH: Witch hunts and more by Cadaska APH: Witch hunts and more :iconcadaska:Cadaska 395 174 E-T: know origin of food stamp by dazza1008 E-T: know origin of food stamp :icondazza1008:dazza1008 294 90 Organic Food by Sedma Organic Food :iconsedma:Sedma 204 56 starpelt227 by NICKIMINAJH starpelt227 :iconnickiminajh:NICKIMINAJH 2 1
3,000 points giveaway -CLOSED-
Okay, I've decided to give away all the points I have since I don't need them. The giveaway is for everyone, so feel free to enter. Please, read the info below:
:bulletgreen: :+fav: this journal.
:bulletgreen: Making your own journal/poll about this giveaway is optional, but not compulsory.
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1st prize -  700 :points: won by DiamondDog777

2nd prize - 600 :points: won by NoNoyuki

3rd prize - 500 :points: won by Before-I-Sleep

4th prize - 400 :points: won by Rainbowishes

5th prize - 300 :points: won by IAMProductions

6th prize - 200 [Points] won by Yasuko-a

7th prize - 100 [Points] won by Estowers
8th prize - 50 [Points]
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Hetalia Birthdays~
Okay, these are all the birthdays I could find for  the Hetalia characters. If you know any more, or find any errors, please comment with the countries' name and their birthday.
Monaco: January 8th
Prussia: January 18th
Netherlands: January 30th
Greece: February 3rd
Japan: February 11th
Spain: February 12th
Lithuania: February 16th
Estonia: February 24th
Egypt: February 28th
Australia: March 3rd
North Italy: March 17th
South Italy: March 17th
Belgium: April 19th
England: April 23rd
Seborga: April 23rd
Norway: May 17th
Cuba: May 20th

Ladonia: June 2nd
Denmark: June 5th
Sweden: June 6th
Hungary: June 8th
Iceland: June 17th
Thailand: June 24th
Seychelles: June 29th
Canada: July 1st
Hong Kong: July 1st
America: July 4th
Liechtenstein: July 12th
France: July 14th
Poland: July 22nd/November 11th
Switzerland: August 1st
South Korea: August 14th
India: August 15th
Ukraine: August 24th
Belarus: August 25th
Ancient Rome: September 2nd
Sealand: September 2nd
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STATUS ||  Alive and well
  ACTIVITY LEVEL || depends on school and work and other rps

  TIME ZONE ||  Eastern standard time

  SKYPE || Sure! Feel free to hit me up!
  NOTES || favorite, but will be so.
  CHAT || yes
  COMMENTS || mabey
Google docs || Want to try

  CURSING || 10/10 I don’t care at all XD
  VIOLENCE || 10/10
  GORE ||10/10 Just ask before injuring/killing my character
  SEXUAL THEMES || 10/10 if it’s age appropriate

  ROLE-PLAY EXAMPLE || Based on my WolfPlay pack XD
Serdar let out a low, upset sounding growl after the leader that dominated him and took over his pack. He had been born and raised in that pack and then this newcomer has the nerve to barge in and ruin his life. For all he knew the life he had put so much effort into was dead and gone by now. He was alone in the deep forest with no one who cared for him. “After all that effort I put into making that pack mine and carrying on the legacy of my parents, I’m thrown away like nothing!” He growled coarsely, wanting to go home and sleep in his den, safe and sound. He knew that the outside world was . But for now, he needed sleep. He hunkered down in a makeshift bed of twigs and  leaves, no where near as comfortable as the soft feathers and fur he was used to.He closed his eyes to go to sleep.

Basic information

  NAME || Fawnspot
Fawn-The color of her fur
Spot-she has spots on her fur
  PAST NAMES || Fawnkit,Fawnpaw
  NICK-NAMES || Dots

  AFFILIATION || Windclan

  SEX || Female
  GENDER || female (she/her pronouns)

  BIRTH SEASON || Leaf-bare
  AGE || 26 moons

  RANK || Warrior



  BREED || Siberian-Bengal mix
  BUILD ||an agile build with a slightly thin frame and long legs.
  HEIGHT || 5’4”

  SCARS || N/A

  HAIR TEXTURE || long and scruffy but very soft
  HAIR COLOUR || light brown , close to a blonde. Has white tips and darker spots scattered around.
  SKIN COLOUR ||a creamy brown color

  EYES || Yellow-Green

  SCENT || Rain and freshly cut grass and various flowers (Mainly  dog rose

  VOICE || TBA for the moment


  NEW-LEAF/GREEN-LEAF OUTFIT || A light brown wrap around her chest and Baggy pants with a lighter colored cloth around the waist acting as a belt.
  LEAF-FALL/LEAF-BARE OUTFIT ||same as  Above, but with a brown  jacket and some light brown shoes

  ACCESSORIES || windclan emblem around waist


  SWORD NAME || Hawk’s beak

  BLADE LENGTH ||16 in
  SWORD/BLADE SHAPE || short sword with a  curved blade

  NOTABLE FEATURES ||hilt seems to be made out of bone


  INTELLECT ||2 /10

  STRENGTH ||4/10

  AGILITY ||5/10

  SPEED ||8/10

  TACTICS ||5/10

  ENDURANCE ||0 /10

  STEALTH ||10/10

  SWIMMING ||7/10

  CLIMBING ||6/10
  HAND-TO-HAND ||3/10


  HUNTING ||7/10

  EYESIGHT ||8 /10

  HEARING ||3 /10

  SCENT ||1/10




  CRAFTING ||0 /10



   LOYALTY ||4/10


  Positive trait ||Calm|When everything is breaking down, Fawnspot is always one of the ones trying to keep the others around her calm and peaceful.

  Positive trait ||Clever | She is very good at figuring things out and it’s hard to keep secrets from her.

Positive trait|| Accepting | Fawnspot is accepting and welcoming of cats from all walks of life, clan or non clan cats.

  Neutral trait ||Joker |She can definitely be considered the clan clown, but she does like  to make sure the other cats around her have a good laugh every once in awhile.

  Neutral trait ||Dreamer| She tends to drift off sometimes  and likes to dream about the future.

Neutral trait|| Brave| She will put her life on the line for her clan if it’s necessary

  Negative trait ||Insecure|  She tends to judge herself quite a bit, mainly when it comes to her abilities.

  Negative trait ||Secretive |  She tends to hide things from people a lot and has a few trust issues too.

  LIKES ||
Meeting new cats/making friends
Running and hunting
Making others laugh and smile when they’re upset.
Taking care of younger members in the clan
Teasing her siblings gently.
People going through her things without asking permission
Nosy people
Loud noises
Close Minded people


Too trusting of outsiders
A little slow to understand things sometimes
A bit on the clumsy side
Can be a little harsh
Worries too much

Tends to rearrange things in strange ways
Pulls on ears when annoyed/upset.
Tends to accidentally insult people.


    MOTHER || Springeye// A grey she-cat with stormy green eyes,light skinned,wears a light grey apron with darker pants//NPC//Alive//41 moons//Non-clan

  FATHER || Poppyspot// A light brown tom with dark spots on his pelt he had brown eyes,tan skinned. Wore a brown long jacket with tan leggings//NPC//Dead//48 moons//Starclan

Crookedeyes//A tom with creamy white fur and hazel eyes, he has a scar through one of his eyes,light tan skin,wears a heavy white jacket even during the warm seasons //NPC//Alive//23 moons//Windclan//littermate
Tinydawn//A short light brown spotted  tom with bright green eyes ,has a darker tan of his skin wears a pair of shorts//NPC//dead//15 moons at time of death//Starclan
Flashmoon// A she cat with with white fur and green eyes lighter skin,wears a dress made out of very light tan skin//NPC//alive//16 moons//Thunderclan


  MATERNAL GRANDMOTHER || Yawningtruth//A creamy white she-cat with bright amber eyes//NPC//Alive//93 moons old//Windclan
  MATERNAL GRANDFATHER || Springstream//A tom cat with long brown fur and dark hazel eyes//Npc//Dead//died at 83 moons//Starclan



  PATERNAL GRANDMOTHER || Ambertail//A she cat with short silver tabby fur and bright yellow eyes//NPC//Alive//75 moons//Non-clan
  PATERNAL GRANDFATHER || Olivehaze//A tom cat with short ginger fur and hazel eyes//Npc//Alive//65 moons//Windclan


  PATERNAL COUSINS ||N/A                  


  KITS ||N/A




  ORIENTATION ||Pansexual
  ACTIVITY || “A-ah, I’m afraid you’re not authorized to know the answer to that question.” Fawnspot looked away and blushed, playing with her fluffy hair

  PHYSICAL PREFERENCES || Fawnspot shrugged “I mean, i really don’t care. You do you and maybe we can be together.”
  PERSONALITY PREFERENCES || “As long as you’re not a total jerk, I don’t really care.”


  BEFORE BIRTH || Springeye looked at the wall of her den and blushed at the memory of the day she met her mate and the father of her first wonderful litter of kits. “Oh, I remember the day that I met him like I remember the warrior code.” a soft smile spread across the grey she-cats face. “It was a bit after my father died due to a rare form of green cough while I was just an apprentice  when I kept sneaking of the hangout with a small group of non-clanners  that had made their den close by to the windclan territory. I hung out with them for many moons until one day, the leader decided to send a patrol to figure out where I was going after they had gotten wind of my disappearing act.” She smiled deep in thought. “That’s when he saved me from an initiation the non-clanners were trying to perform on me. That day, Poppypaw became Poppyspot and earned a permanent place in my heart. Yes I was sentenced to a few moons worth of taking care of the elders, but it was definitely worth it.” It was obvious by the sad look in her sweet eyes that she missed her mate so much.

  KIT-HOOD || Fawnspot thought a bit and purred gently “My kit-hood feels like it was a million moons ago, so much time has passed...” She purred calmly as she remembered what she could of being a child with her brother Crookedeye who was currently trying to take a nap in the corner of the den. “I remember the first time outside of the den, my mother holding me in her arms and my father holding Crooked.We were such a happy family.” She grinned at the soft memories flooding back to her. “I remember when me and Crook would get into prank wars with the apprentices and how big of a mess that we could make.” She giggled, she was naive as a kit and loved to trick the older cats with her brother and how much trouble they’d get into. “I rember that I grew so fast...I remember my mother and father were so proud of me...Crooked on the other hand...”
Crookedeye blinked awake groggily “Shut up Spots” He grumbled at his litter mate and glared, throwing a small clump of nesting material at her that didn’t go too far.

  APPRENTICESHIP || Fawnspot smiled softly at the memory of her days as an apprentice “I remember with in my first moon of apprenticeship, my mother had given birth to her second litter of kits with  my father, a cute little brown kitten with spots all over his little hair and dotted with freckles named Tinykit and a beautiful white haired girl named flash kit.” Fawnspot had a sweet grin on her face. “Me and my brother’s excelled at our apprenticeship, but by the end my father, Poppyspot had died. He got into the wrong patch of grass and got attacked by an angry pack of rats. The infection from the bites killed him within a few days.” She frowned, Crooked had gotten a scar from a training accident from his mentor who had gone a little bit too harsh on him.

  WARRIORSHIP || Fawnspot looked around her spot in the warrior den, she was proud of where she was in her life. It was harsh getting there, she knew how much she was sacrificing and putting on the line with her lifestyle. But she knew what she was doing was for the good of the forest, after the death of her father, her mother left the clan. Her brother, Tinydawn and her sister, Flashmoon followed. Her brother died of an infection and her sister is currently a warrior in Thunderclan


 :bulletblack: |Dislike
 :bulletblack::bulletblack: |Hate
 :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: |Mortal Enemy
 :skull: |wants dead


 :bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink:|Major Crush

 :bulletred:|Visually Appealing
 :bulletred::bulletred:|Physical attraction

 :bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:|Would die for

 :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:|Best friend
 :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:|Platonic love

 :bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:|Nervous of
 :bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:|Scared of



Flashmoon || NPC || younger Sister ||:bulletblack::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:|| "She used to be really mean to me while she was growing up, I hope she’s okay wherever she is now."


Torrentstar||coka-karma|| Clanleader|| :bulletyellow::bulletyellow:||"he's a pretty good leader, but he's a bit on the annoying side sometimes."
Crookedeyes|| NPC|| Brother, littermate  ||:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple: || "He’s a bit of a jerk sometimes,but I still love him and I’m happy he’s my brother"
Yawningtruth||Npc|| Maternal Grandmother||:bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow:|| “My Grandmother is such a good role model and I love her, she’s so smart.”
Olivehaze|| NPC|| Paternal Grandfather||:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletwhite:||”He’s never been there for me or my brother! How can he call himself a good grandfather if he doesn't even bother to bat an eye at us?!”




Poppyspot||NPC||Father||:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow: || “My father was a great cat, I miss him so much. I wish I could see him again”
Tinydawn||NPC||younger brother||:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletblack:||”He died way too soon and I wish I could see him again. He didn’t deserve to die so young”
Springstream|| NPC|| Maternal Grandfather||:bulletwhite::bulletyellow:|| “I never really got to meet him as he died when I was a younger kitten , but i have heard stories about him.”

The Dark Forest

Cats Outside the Clan

Springeye|| NPC|| Mother ||:bulletpurple::bulletpurple:|| "My mother is a strong and brave cat and I respect her for all she’s done for me and my siblings and I hope she finds her way out in the world she's exploring today."
Ambertail|| NPC||Paternal Grandmother||:bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow:||”She's  such an amazing she-cat, sometimes I’ll briefly see her on the borders of the clan  and I’ll say a quick hello to her”
For Warriors of the Blade
Offer to adopt!((CLOSED))
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! I'm mainly looking for either USD or Points but anything will do!I accept Mixes of payment!

LolWhatRandom I will choose the best offer after I get home from school!!
Rules for Bidding:
Exclamation PointOnly bid what you can! No pulling out a bid
Exclamation Point Don't fight over the adopt, that will get you black listed.

Rules for the winner: 
tickYou can change the design, as long as it's kept recognizable.
tickFeel free to change the species or make it anthro
tickYou can use this character in comics/animations/MAP projects etc  
tickYou can get/make a fursuit of this character if you'd like.
Exclamation PointPlease use your character, nothing hurts me more than seeing adopts I worked hard on become ignored once bought.

SB for Cash: $5 
SB for Points: Pink Points1

Line art not mine, Can be found here:

Acrylic ice cream
Something I did in art class
© myself,
based on the artwork of Wayne Thiebaud…
I wish the background of this piece could of been more lighter and blended with the theme of the ice cream's light pinks. The cookie stick/straw thing could look more look like a cookie straw too.


Ice oc (cat)
Tell me if you want a boy or a girl and tell me how you want it to look



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